Monday, August 3, 2009

Review Mbah Surip

Over years waiting for a chance, over years do consistently on his style rastafara.. finally now he has been being a success man.. on his 60 years old. He is a millionaire now. He is Mbah Surip.

Urip Ariyanto his surname born on May 5, 1949 in Mojokerto, he isn’t just an artist, he is a figure model for us how we are patiently on how to reach our idea and our vision. He isn’t a success man before, till his song Tak gendong booming on this years. He ever worked at several country not on art or music but on mill or petroleum mining and jewel mining, the country such as Canada, US, Jordan.

And Now he can enjoy his success, spend his time on happiness, although he is a widower, but we hope he can get his world, have a world with who he love to.. Success Mbah Surip.


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wahyudi said...

Ngga ada foto mbah surip yang gratis ya.,hehe
ada yg mau minjemin foto ga ya.,