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Fact of History VOC had the authority over the territory

Since getting the Octrooi from the Government of Kingdom of the Netherlands trade company VOC had de jure control of the Indonesian archipelago, and this was the beginning of the Dutch colonialism of Indonesia which then  lasted for 350 of years. Indonesia or when it was referred to as the Dutch East Indies was a field for the Kingdom of the Netherlands, where the Kingdom of the Netherlands rob crops and wealth of Indonesia trough VOC. Violence, warfare, pitting, oppression, exploitation, feudalism, force labor, and even in 1620 the VOC had been cast out and killed all the people who do not want to give spice to their crops (Ricklefs, 1991).
Jan Pieterszoon Coen, in Indonesia it is known as a cruel magnifying of VOC
Coen in horn, In holand coen is known as a founder of Netherland East Indische, his name use as street name and building(wikipeddia)

Then in colonizing the archipelago, VOC doing things guile, pitting, internal penetration in the kingdom in such as Java. And to run a trading VOC also exert military force, from a variety of practices that do VOC cause the Indonesian people as social, economic, political, and psychological suffering and misery experienced tremendous

In year  1790s VOC declined, caused in several factors :

1. Corruption by officials VOC;

2. Competition with other trade company;

3. Expenditure costs a lot to overcome the resistance of indigenous Indonesian native

4.Increasing need for staff salaries VOCs.

5. Careless financial management.

According to Ricklefs (1991), VOC setbacks caused by Inefficient , dishonesty, nepotism, and alcoholism are widespread among members of the VOC. Although VOC was Dutch company, but most members were not the Dutch people. The adventurers, vagabonds, criminals, and those who fared worse from the Europe who took the oath of loyalty to the VOC, and became a member of the VOC. It was also the underlying attitude towards the nation's operational VOC Indonesia were likely to cruel, arbitrary, and without compromise. In 1799, the organization that has many great benefits for the Netherlands and caused many casualties on the part of the Indonesian nation was finally dissolved.

(Source: National History of Indonesia)

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