Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Padi: wait for their works

Lately music band groups condition in Indonesia is very worrying. A lot of bands groups that perform not in the full terms of quality and idealism genre. Idealism genre here could take a sample of what korn, avenged sevenfold has done on their genre, consistently. And one of Indonesia's remaining bands have idealism genre is Padi, although recently they said were on a vacuum in their group.
Padi Group band formed 8 April 1997, the group consists of Satriyo Yudi Wahono (Piyu), Ari Tri Sosianto (Ari), Rindra Risyanto Noor (Rindra), Andi Fadly Arifuddin (Fadly), Surendro Prasetyo (Yoyok). This Surabaya band was originally named 'Soda', but later changed to 'Padi' name was chosen also because it is "very grounded". Furthermore, they did not just take his philosophy course, the more features the duck, but also look at the function that symbolizes prosperity (

Padi albums quite successfully penetrate the Indonesian music market. Some observers concluded that Padi’s dynamic musical arrangements and more complex than the average song by a band that contemporary Indonesia, this is one of the causes of success at the beginning of their inception in 1998. ( And on a performance in the next one-year to date they remain consistent in the quality of its appearance so early in the piece and the selection of music is the strong pattern can be said they have the idealism genre.
Their work is summarized in the album Lain Dunia (1999), Sesuatu Yang Tertunda (2001), Save My Soul (2003), Padi (2005),Tak Hanya Diam (2007). And their single on Indie 10: “Sobat”, on OST World Cup 2002: “Work Of Heaven’, on Family Songs Hadad Alwi (2003): "Doaku", onTribute to Ian Antono (2004) dengan lagu "Saksi Gitar Tua", on Kita Untuk Mereka: “26 Desember”, their single "Terbakar Cemburu" (2010), single "Tempat Terakhir" (2011), and OST Upin dan Ipin: “Sahabat Selamanya”. And now the fans are still waiting for the next Padi's works.
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